14 wrz 2010


HandMadePoland Barcelona 2010 project is more less over already.
Thank you for your support:) thank you MY FRIENDS for your support:)
Thank you for everything I've learned about making that kind of exhibitions.

Special thanks to:
Anna Blauth
Patka Smirnow
Magda Godawa
Kasia Kulikowska
Bonodudes Toys
Bubu Gallery
Popo Gallery
Małgorzata Bochenek
Agnieszka Czop

For the next summer the HandMadePoland Exhibition is invited to Lorret del Mar, BCN and Madrit. It is possible we will do this again.
If you would like to cooperate with us - write me, please.

I would like to invite handcrafted artist from Spain to Warsaw - these or next year.
If you are spanish handcrafted artist who wants to take a part in that project - write me, please.

In the future I want to make an accociation to promote handcrafted art in Poland, Spain and everywhere...:)

we will see...


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