14 wrz 2010

More about Gracia Art Project

If you are looking for a partner to arrange an exhibition or any other artistic event - maybe you can ask Gracia Art Project.

The Gracia Arts Project

The Gracia Arts Project is an independent artists’ association whose aim is to support all artistic endeavors with a view to share information and ideas, collaborate, and actively pursue projects in a network of fellow artists from all nations. Operating in Castilian, Catalan and English, it is a community resource as well as a crossroads for artists in Europe.

The website details profiles of different artists with examples of their work. GAP is an association of artists from a wide range of disciplines including fine arts, photography, music, performance, design, writing and film.

To date we have 110 profiled members from Catalonia, Spain, Europe and beyond. We also have another 50 members who support us or are interested in the arts. Profiled members must be residents of Catalonia. We wish to develop a wide and eclectic range of talents that spark imaginations and provoke creativity among members.

GAP is a non-profit association. It is often referred to as a platform for artistic ideas. GAP has been registered for 2 years with the government and has been using a space on Sant Honorat No.11 for its artistic activities.

Since opening our versatile space early in 2006, we have exhibited no less that 46 artists in 30 individual, group or mixed media events. GAP has also produced 2 short movies, published a book of poetry and hosted many musical and cultural events.

Gracia Arts Project is a strong advocate for integration. We believe that the first step to integration is learning Catalan and will start a language class in 2009.

GAP also offers meditation, English and art classes as a public resource.

The Gracia Arts Project has 3 principal aims.

1. To assemble at least 300 artists within a multidisciplinary network designed to communicate, collaborate and exhibit in a professional manner.
2. To forge together and individually contribute to the long-term objective of the association named El Rusc de Gracia.
3. To establish a practical philosophy for the arts that supports our individual beliefs and that of the association. That means art for everyone. We believe the arts should interact within the community and in this case in Gracia.

How to become a profiled member:

• Send an email submission to GAP with up to 8 samples of work and text describing yourself or your work. Profiles can have as many as 8 images, 3 links to Youtube and 3 mp3 recordings. Please refer to existing profiles on our website.

• A meeting with the president or the gallery director must take place before submissions are accepted and final. If accepted, it takes about a week to post the profile on our website.

• Membership is a symbolic 60 euros that contributes to the web hosting.

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