1 mar 2011


So, we are going to make another edition of HandMadePoland, but this time - we will do it in Warsaw. I want to invite some artists from Barcelona and show their works 14 - 15th of May in Warsaw, Melon Studio, in a very old and special part of the city, Prague. That can be a great Barcelona Handmade Party - The Second International Exhibition of HandMade & Design Warsaw - Barcelona.
You are WELCOME!
Who's already invited to the EXPO?
Maite Cabanes, Fabian Girola and Petit Expo Detal, Mei Roman Tanon, Michelle Roman Tanon, Rebecca and her "Kika Mishto", Mara Cascais and her "I love Kutchi", Aloma Lafontana, Bijuteriai Mosaics, El Hombre Sapo, Maria Diamantes, Paola Sommella, Monica Custodio, Claudia Raffa, BrochesSinReproches, Sonia MArti, Nuria Farre Pampols, ArteCrearte.

And that is just the beginning. :)

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