24 lip 2010

CALLE ANGEL and La Cova de Les Cultures

That day I was robbed at the party we (me and my two friends) went to before Jorge's concert. The thief was really smart. He hit my butt “by accident”. I got confused and in meantime he (or she) stole my wallet. The party was really fancy, we had a lot of fun and I didn´t notice anything until much later. The surprise came out when I wanted to buy my ticket for the tango concert. I realized that I´d lost about 30 Euros. Although I enjoyed the concert VERY much, I had to come back home to check if nothing else was missing :(

What I didn´t know was that I´d been somehow lucky in my misfortune... I said: “Hasta luego Jorge, gracias”. I turned around and started walking away. That´s when I really saw the place he was singing in. Huge space, white walls, the perfect setup for an exhibition. The Gallery was located in a small street, in the heart of Gracia. Calle Angel...

After a 15-minute conversation with Maks, the manager, I finally managed to book the place for 15th August, the first day of the Fiesta de Gracia, without doubt, the best time for an exhibition in that part of the city. So this is how I found La Cova de les Cultures, the gallery for our exhibition.

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