24 lip 2010

Jorge Picorelli

I felt a bit sad and scared, like a child who can´t find their way back home. Or like a fish stuck in an aquarium. I walked around in Gracia, looking for another gallery, coming in and out, asking... but it looks like it was all in vain. On more than one occasions I heard people telling me: “we are busy in August, sorry”. One painter drew me a map with the best galleries in Gracia. Unfortunately his English was so poor that he mixed up the word "gallery" with "cafe", and after a while I realized that I had a map of best cafeterias of the neighbourhood.
Later, I walked into St Antonio alley. Some tiny doors grabbed my attention and I decided to get into the place. It looked like a gallery but it wasn't one. And there he was sitting, friendly, kind and helpful. Jorge, the tango singer.
Of course he didn't have a gallery for me, but he invited me to his concert in calle Angel, a street even smaller than St Antonio.
When I was leaving, he said: “if you want to do this you just have to ask the universe for help, wait for your lucky moment and take the opportunity when it comes up. Because it will come to you for sure...”

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