20 lip 2010

How did that START?

I'm professional storyteller, so I´ll tell you the whole story, from the very beginning till the end. I'm not quite sure about the endings though. "Nothing ends in the human world" - said the poet. His name I don' remember. Here let's say the end starts the last day of my exhibition in Barcelona.

beginning of June 2010, Warsaw, Przegryź restaurant
Here is how it starts:

Me: I want to go somewhere and do something that´d give me satisfaction and joy.
Ania (handmade jewels master): Maybe Greece?
Me: I was thinking of Barcelona. I have a friend there.
Ania: I heard that people in Barcelona love handmade art. Could you check that for me?
Me: yes, I can, of course.
15 minutes later...
Me: Maybe I could hold an exhibition and show your jewels in Barcelona?
And other polish artists would also enjoy the idea!
Maybe we could invite Spanish artists to Warsaw one day?
And we´ll meet, talk, share, enjoy, have fun, sell, connect, earn money, learn and be happy?:)

Maybe it can be that simple? ... If we manage to do everything properly of course :)

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