31 sie 2010


Maite Cabanes sells handcrafted art for at least 10 years. She was working in Venice, Berlin, Madrit and now she has her own shop in Barcelona. It is placed at the market, in the corner of c.Travesera De Gracia and c. Torrijos. The shop is opened at 11, closed at 9pm, from Monday till Saturday. Little spanish girl can speak 7 languages and she is very tallented seller. She knows a lot about people and their taste.
I was promoting our stuff at her place for a few days. I sold a few things of Magda Godawa and Bonodudes Toys...That was an adventure and a great experience.
The fact I've learned is - you never know who and when will like your stuff, who will buy and why. So you always have to be ready.
And the good news is: Maite will come to Warsaw this year. :)
Here you have some pictures:

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