1 wrz 2010

Jorge again

Do you remember Jorge, my friend from Argentina who adviced me to ask the universe about one important thing and it was really working:)? So our paths waved again.
One day I just get an email from a stranger.
"My name is Marcelo S.....
I saw your blog where you promote an artist Jorge Piccorelli who sings Tango.
It happens that I had a good friend in early youth named Jorge Piccorelli in Argentina.
We share only a short time of our lives when playing theater classes or like journalism students, but I keep beatiful memories from those days.
The last I knew about him was that he left Buenos Aires over 1974 or 75 and lately I know he was visiting our old but lovely theater teacher, Ricardo Passano.
I think you could give him this e-mail and if he wants he can contact with me. I am living in Spain now and I will be waiting your notices.
I really will appreciate your collaboration.
Thanks a lot."

So I di
And this is also a story about two friends who met after many years because one polish girl had an idea:)
And here is another picture:

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